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Peace be with you!

We at the United Church of Christ are reflecting on all the ways we pass the peace. Whether gathered physically in one place or held together in our hearts in virtual settings, our Christian movement unites people in Christ as we work for a more just world. We are learning that there are so many ways to pass the peace.

For example, we offer weekly webinars on spirituality and care of people. Our pastors and lay leaders are experimenting with new ways to be the church. We provided grants to congregations as they adapted to the challenges caused by the Covid Pandemic. In an anxious time, we supported the resilience and creativity of our local congregations.

And we didn’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Systemic issues prevent real peace in our communities. That’s why we remain focused on dismantling white supremacy and addressing creation care, voting rights, and immigrant justice. When we advocate for justice, we are passing peace in all our communities.

Thank you for adding your part in the passing of peace. Your gift makes love tangible. Your gift helps pass the peace along.

We need your help to continue to serve our churches and the world

Your gift to the Annual Fund makes a diļ¬€erence. Together we can accomplish far more than we can as individuals. We are the United Church of Christ and, together in the spirit of unity, we are partnering with others to build the just world for all that we believe God imagines.

With a gift to the Annual Fund in this critical moment you will:

  • Create hope, together, with our nearly 5,000 churches and over 800,000 members
  • Help the national setting carry out a wide variety of ministries of care, compassion, and justice
  • Help the national setting to work globally with our partners around the world

Thank you for your support.

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