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Peace be with you!

We at the United Church of Christ are reflecting on all the ways we pass the peace. Whether gathered physically in one place or... Read more held together in our hearts in virtual settings, our Christian movement unites people in Christ as we work for a more just world. We are learning that there are so many ways to pass the peace.

For example, we offer weekly webinars on spirituality and care of people. We support our pastors and lay leaders who are experimenting with new ways to be the church.  We offer resilience to and uplift the creativity of our local congregations.

We also embrace the bigger picture. Systemic issues prevent real peace in our communities. That’s why we remain focused on dismantling white supremacy and addressing creation care, voting rights, and immigrant justice. When we advocate for justice, we are passing peace in all our communities.

Thank you for adding your part in the passing of peace. Your gift makes love tangible. Your gift helps pass the peace along.

We need your help to continue to serve our churches and the world

Your gift to the Annual Fund makes a diļ¬€erence. Together we can accomplish far more than we can as individuals. We are the United Church of Christ and, together in the spirit of unity, we are partnering with others to build the just world for all that we believe God imagines.

With a gift to the Annual Fund in this critical moment you will:

  • Create hope, together, with our UCC churches and members
  • Help the national setting carry out a wide variety of ministries of care, compassion, and justice
  • Help the national setting to work globally with our partners around the world

If you have questions or need further information, please contact us at or 1-800-846-6822. Thank you for your support.

Ways to Give

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Credit card
Make a one-time donation or recurring gift below.


Mail your check to:

PO Box 71957
Cleveland, OH  44194

Please note your gift designation in the check memo line or include a cover letter.


For gifts to the Annual Fund, text UCC to 41444.
For Join the Movement, text MVMT to 41444.


Sample Letter to Broker


I would like to make a gift of stock on [insert date] to the United Church of Christ in support of (Annual Fund, Wider Church Ministries, etc). Please transfer [number] shares of [company name] to the charity on [indicate month, year when you would like transfer to occur].

Transfer information:

KeyBanc Capital Markets, Inc. Pershing (receiving firm)
Corporate Investment Services
Mail Drop: OH-01-27-0749
127 Public Square
Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: (800) 233-2460
Fax: (216) 689-8282

DTC Number: 0443
Account Name: United Church of Christ (Tax I.D. Number 34-1927041)
Account Number: RF4403380

Please inform the United Church of Christ of my gift. Contact information is as follows:

United Church of Christ
Office of Philanthropy, Technology, Identity, and Communication
PO Box 71957
Cleveland, OH 44194
Phone: (800) 846-6822

The United Church of Christ will also provide me with a receipt for this gift.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


[Your name]

cc: United Church of Christ

Donor Advised Fund

Thank you for donating to the United Church of Christ through your Donor Advised Fund. We are grateful for your wonderful support. Below are the steps to complete your transaction.

  1. Contact the Philanthropy team at the United Church of Christ about your gift at or 1-800-846-6822.
  2. Our Tax I.D. Number is 34-1927041.
  3. Direct your advisor to mail the check from your donor advised fund to:
    United Church of Christ
    PO Box 71957
    Cleveland, OH 44194

Please direct questions to

Pledges or Planned Gifts

Please contact to make a pledge or structure a planned gift.

If you have questions regarding your donation, please contact us at or 1-800-846-6822.

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